Hieronder treft u onze complete lijst met projecten aan. 

Throughout the year we collect money within our local churches for several projects around the world.

BOT053 Education for San toddlers

Botswana - € 2.500

Toddlers receive language education as a means to profit from a good general education.
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BOT064 True love waits

Botswana - € 8.000

Prevention of sexual causes of poverty and diseases.
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BOT129 Toddler school Kaikagu

Botswana - € 5.500

San toddlers receive education in their native language as a prepa­ration for elementary school.
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BOT130 Back to school (Windows of Hope)

Botswana - € 5.000

Reduce the number of drop-outs among the youth of Ghanzi.
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BRA094 Preparing youth for work

Brazil - € 5.000

A good start for young people in the job market.
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BUR123 Food for orphanage 

Burundi - € 5.000

Wartburg orphanage grows food to eat and sell.
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CAM020 Water supply

Cambodia - € 10.000

Adequate safe water for daily use is vital.X

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EGY048 Micro credit

Egypt - € 7.500

People with good ideas to provide for themselves may get a loan.
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EGY131 School for Sudanese refugees 

Egypt - € 5.000

The security provided by the school helps Sudanese children to deal with their past and losses.
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FRA086 Scholar­ships for theology students

France - € 6.500

Share the Gospel with their own people is the desire of impove­rished theology students.
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HAI114  Refore­station

Haiti - € 15.000

Trees give firmness to the ground and bear fruit to yield money.
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INE033 Recovery surgery for children with cleft lip

Indonesia - € 5.000

No more cleft lips and a fair chance on the same devel­opment as other children
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INE037 Building schools

Indonesia - € 5.000

Further training for volun­teers who lead schools
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ISR040 Meals for vulne­rable school children

Israel - € 15.000

In the land of milk and honey no child should go to bed feeling hungry.
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MOZ060 Coaching for farming

Mozam­bique - € 7.000

Farmers learn to grow crops in a sustai­nable way.
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MOZ061 Food security

Mozam­bique - € 30.000

Local people are encou­raged to look after each other. 
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NED132 De Poster

The Nether­lands - € 1.750

Churches at work in the multi-cultural area Schrij­verspark, Veenendaal
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NEP023 Drug rehabilitation

Nepal - € 16.000

Vulne­rable women learn to overcome their poverty
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OEK080 Christian education

- € 9.000

Pupils prepare for a valuable contri­bution to society.
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OEK084 Shelter for addictsX

Ukraine - € 5.000

Men learn to deal with life's hardships
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OEK115 Centre for mothers and babies

Ukraine - € 10.000

Young mothers learn to provide for the needs of their child.
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PAG122 Shelter for disabled children (Jemima)

Pales­tinian area - € 8.500

Physi­o­therapy at home for disabled children.
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PAG128 English lessons

Pales­tinian area - € 5.000

People with a good command of English have an advantage on the job market.
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ZAF051 Children’s home

Rep. of South Africa - € 7.000

Children who lost their parents to HIV / AIDS, find a home.

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ZAF052 Capacity building and providing information

Rep. of South Africa - € 15.000

Reduce the stigma of HIV / AIDS victims and offer hope

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ZAF066 Super­vision of HIV/Aids victims

Rep. of South Africa - € 10.000

Volun­teers from churches help to take care of victims of HIV/Aids.
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ZAM127 Training of teachers

Zambia- € 5.000

Local volun­teers are trained as a teacher.
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relief project

relief aid Haiti

In 2016 hurricane Matthew damaged houses, agricul­tural land, bridges and roads.

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