theolo­gical university

Theolo­gical University Apeldoorn

Since 1968 our university is open also to those who not seek training for the ministry in the Christian Reformed Churches of the Nether­lands, but who have a desire to study theology for other aims.

During the last two decades many inter­na­tional contacts with our university have been established and are still incre­asing. As a result, every year some students from outside our country study in Apeldoorn.

Since 1980 the university is allowed to grant a doctor's degree (ThD) in theology.
Apeldoorn is one of the few univer­sities in the Nether­lands where truly reformed theology is being thaught.

We are mindful of the words of the well-known 17th century theologian, Gisbertus Voetius, who said that true theology is a science that must always be connected to piety. There is also close contact and coope­ration with the university of the Reformed Churches (liberated) in Kampen.


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